Twelve Reasons To Purchase Travel Insurance


What would you do if you and your family planed a wonderful Cruise Vacation and your connecting flight was delayed and the ship sailed without you? If you don’t have travel insurance you will drop all your money.

There are hundreds of particulars that could cause you to cancel your vacation, miss your connecting flight, return home early or make you seek emergency medical treatment while traveling.

Here is a list of 10 common examples of what could go wrong and why you should invest in Travel Insurance and Emergency Travel Services.

1) You arrive at your destination and your luggage is missing. Who will help you find it if it is lost? If your luggage goes on a separate vacation, who will pay for your essentials until your luggage joins you? If it was stolen who will pay to replace it?

2) Your airline, cruise line or tour operator goes out of business and you already paid for your seat tickets. Most seat tickets are non-refundable. Who will help you with the refunds and get you to your destination?

3) You and your family members flight is delayed and you must catch a connecting flight. All other airlines are booked and can’t help you. Now what do you do?

4) You bag was lost with all your medicine inside. You need to find the bag as quickly as possible or have your emergency prescription filled. Who is going to help you in a strange city/country?

5) You are travelling abroad and your passport and wallet are stolen. How do you replace your passport and where can you get emergency cash?

6) A few weeks before you leave a natural/terrorist incident occurs where you were scheduled to visit. Who will pay if you cancel your trip?

7) If a family member becomes ill and you must cancel your vacation, how do you get the non-refundable deposits back?

8) While you are on vacation you are forced to evacuate due to impending weather or a terrorist treat. Who will reimburse you for your lost vacation?

9) A family member needs emergency medical treatment and needs to be evacuated. Who will help arrange and pay for it?

10) You are in a non-English speaking country and get sick. Who will help you find an English-speaking doctor?

That’s just a list of 10, I’m sure you can think of} a few more. {I hope|I really hope|I am hoping} you consider {purchasing|getting} Travel Insurance {before|prior to|just before|ahead of} your next trip so you can {protect|safeguard|guard|shield|secure|defend|give protection to|take care of|preserve|look after} yourself, {have|possess|have got|include|currently have|own|contain|experience} peace of mind {and enjoy|and revel in} your next {vacation|holiday|getaway}!


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