5 Wedding Do It Yourself Ideas To Help You Save


Weddings are meant to be a happy occasion but can get expensive fast. Hold down the cost and add your own personal touch with wedding do it yourself ideas. Here are five ways to add a little ingenuity and big savings to your big day:

1 . Make bows for the end of the pews or row of chairs with wide ribbons. Velvet is a good choice for fall or winter weddings. During Spring or Summer satin would be a more appropriate choice. Intertwine flat lace with the ribbons for a look of eloquence. Attach silk flowers and pearl sprays in the center of the bow with a hot glue gun and your set.

2 . Create your own wedding veil. Buy a length of bridal illusion and a comb to attach it to your hair and hat or headpiece to cover the comb. Sew large stitches approximately one inch from the end and gather it tight. Sew veil onto comb and place hat or headpiece on top. Another option is to decorate a wide-brimmed hat with ribbons, pearls and silk flowers.

3. A memorable favor as a gift to guests is appreciated. One good idea is to make a magnetic picture frame with a picture of the newlyweds. You can make a frame by cutting craft foam in the wedding colors. Position it around the photo and glue both the frame and photo to a heavy piece of cardboard. Attach self-adhesive magnet tape to the back of the cardboard. You can decorate the frame with foil stickers and monogram or label with couples’ last name.

4. You can make your own bouquets and flower arrangements. For an outdoor wedding you may be able to use wild flowers but research to be certain pedals won’t fall off too quick. Bouquets can be arranged using a large clear vase and tie a bow around it.

5. If you think you can handle it decorate your own cake or get someone you know to do it for you. Craft stores and large department stores sell pans and decorating gadgets. You will need a steady hand. It’s best to practice before attempting to decorate the wedding cake. Some people are using cupcake wedding cakes and those are easier to decorate than a large cake.

Organizing for a wedding takes a lot of advanced planning and especially if you will be preparing items necessary for it. If saving money is important plan early, be creative and have a beautiful wedding that is more personal and less expensive.


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